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The attorneys of Nowalsky & Gothard, located near New Orleans, Louisiana, focus on Telecommunications Law, Personal Injury & Commercial Litigation.


Telecommunications Regulotory Practice

Leon Nowalsky, founding partner, has practiced Telecommunications Law for 30 years. His expertise includes all aspects of Telecommunications Regulatory Law, as well as the evolving business models in this dynamic industry. Mr. Nowalsky's sophisticated understanding of innovative technology, combined with in-depth practical industry experience, allows our firm to provide individualized and effective representation to clients in all 50 states, including before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Personal Injury & Commercial Litigation

Edward Gothard, founding partner, has practiced as a litigation attorney for 30 years. An experienced and effective personal injury lawyer and commercial litigator, he has tried numerous personal injury and business litigation matters in state and federal courts. He is often retained as co-counsel, in jurisdictions around the country, due to his trial skills and experience with complex telecommunications issues, and complex medical malpractice actions.

Henrik A. Pontoppidan, Of Counsel, has represented individuals and small businesses in the State of Louisiana for over 35 years. His General Practice includes succession, probate, and the preparation of corporate documents.

At Nowalsky & Gothard, APLLC, our mission is to provide quality legal representation to our clients through the ethical practice of law, with honest and fair billing practices. We strive to treat our staff, clients, and all whom we encounter with dignity, respect and equality.

Because we are a small firm, operating in a small market, we are able to provide the highest quality services with fees much lower than large firms are able to offer.